How do I check for goiter/thyroid nodule/thyroid cancer?


You can check for goiter and thyroid nodules by doing the Neck Check.11 This can be done any time with just a mirror and a glass of water.


The steps are as follows:












Hold the mirror .so that you can see the entire neck.












Lean your head back while focusing on the lower neck.












Take a sip of water and swallow.











While swallowing, observe whether enlargement occurs in the area of the neck where the thyroid is situated.

Repeat the Neck Check several times, as necessary. If you think there may be an abnormality, consult a physician.

You can visit this website for how to do the Neck Check.


If you have a goiter/thyroid nodule, your physician may request for additional laboratory examinations such as TSH, thyroid hormone levels (T3 and T4), and ultrasound or scan of the thyroid gland. In cases of thyroid nodule, a sample may be taken using Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy to rule out any suspicion of malignancy.9

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